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Textile Adventures: Jody's Final Update from Peru

We've been enjoying Jody's regular updates from Peru over the past few weeks. It's exciting to hear the stories of the people and artisans she's met and the delightful cultural treasures she's picked up to bring back to Maiden Rock. Jody's on her way back home now. To keep you in the loop on her adventure, [...]

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Textile Adventures: Jody Sends an Update

Friends, if you are headed for Cusco, Peru, you are probably thinking: a trip to Machu Picchu, the astounding lost city of the Incas. But when I arrive in Cusco I am pulled like a magnet to the Traditional Center For Textiles.Nilda Callanuapa, Founder and Director, created the organization to keep Andean weaving cultures alive. [...]

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Textile Adventures: Preview from Peru

Jody Slocum, our co-founder, is in Peru this week meeting with vendors, teeing up new products and searching for unusual collectibles for the shop.Jody reports: “It’s been a pleasure to deepen relationships with our talented vendors - last night, for example, Ciprian and his wife, Bartola, chatted with me in my Ayacucho hotel room until [...]

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