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Vetiver Root Baskets From Madagascar

Vetiver Root Baskets From Madagascar

28th Oct 2020

We travel to Madagascar to meet master basket weavers from Association Tahiana. The association provides training and income earning opportunities for impoverished women as they build skills to eventually master the craft of weaving baskets from vetiver roots.

Vetiver is said to be among the oldest plants on earth. It is a dense, clumping, easy-to-grow perennial grass often used to prevent soil erosion with thick aromatic roots up to 9’ long. Chopped vetiver leaves make a good mulch and the essential oils, extracted from the roots are used in aroma therapies, the perfume industry and more. The contemporary, nest-like hand woven vetiver root baskets are available in 3 sizes and make an easy-to-hang and eye-catching wall ‘installation.’ Spritz the baskets with water to release the refreshing vetiver scent.