Gift Wrapping, Gift Certificates & How to Use Our Wish List

Your Cultural Cloth purchase keeps giving.  Income earned by the women who create our collection helps them: educate their children, gain access to healthcare and sometimes even purchase a small piece of land or build a house. Thank you! 

Cultural Cloth has three ways to make the gift giving easier:


Gift Wrapping

photo-of-wrapping.jpgWe offer complimentary gift wrapping on all online purchases.  When you are adding the item to your cart, simply indicate that you would like it gift wrapped.  You can even add a personalized note.  It is just that easy. Make sure to give us the recipients street address so that we can ship the package directly to them.  


Gift Certificates

Let the textile lover in your life select the piece they really love.  Order and email a gift certificate. Half the fun of owning a piece from Cultural Cloth is being able to pick out that special piece. Remember: most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind so don’t delay.  Once they are sold, they are gone.  Click here and you can purchase the gift certificate online.  The recipient can redeem the gift certificate online or they can purchase an item in our Maiden Rock WI store.  Email us with questions at:  

Wish List

Make it easy for ‘your peeps’ to purchase that special piece you’ve been eyeing all season.  Create and send your Wish List.

Follow these easy steps on line:

  1. Set up an account by clicking on the Create an Account link at the top of our website.
  2. Sign into your account & see the Wish List feature halfway down the page.  Click on Wish List.
  3. Name the list and indicate the list will be shared.
  4. Peruse our website to find the items you want, go to the bottom of the product page (next to the Add to Shopping Bag button) and find the heart. Click on the heart to add to your Wish List.
  5. Complete your list & Share This Wish List With Friends at the bottom of your screen.  Copy this link.
  6. Open your email program, paste the Wish List link & send your Wish List.

Congrats!  You’ve just made the holidays easier for people in your life.  They’ll buy with confidence knowing it’s something you love.  Questions, email us at: