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Hand Carved Rolling Wood Owl Figure Guatemala

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2.00 LBS
Hand Carved Rolling Wood Owl Figure Guatemala

This hand carved piece of Mayan folk art is an owl like figure with jointed arms and legs that is sitting on a tricycle.  It is rustic and primitive but at the same time it is engaging and whimsical.  The coat of the deer is a brown with gold speckles.  The details are in contrasting colors, including pink hands. 

Jody purchased this on her 2022 trip to Guatemala. It was made by Antonio who lives in the central highlands of Guatemala and has lived most of his life as a subsistence farmer.  Antonio doesn't have internet access or a phone but over the years Jody and Mary Anne have connected many times with him.   He appears without notice or fanfare.   He always has some incredible, very special pieces that he made and is willing to sell. Antonio speaks K'iche which is a Mayan language that is the second most widely spoken language in Guatemala after Spanish.  

This piece is a treasure.

  • Measures:  11.5" tall x 8" width x 8" deep
  • Handmade wooded 
  • From Guatemala


Care:  Dust with soft cloth