Hand Dyed Cotton Bandhani and Stitched Shawl India (40" x 80")

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This shawl is a masterpiece! 

It is the latest collaboration between two groups of master artisans, a chikan embroidery and a bandhani group. It melds two traditional Indian crafts and renders a breath taking piece that can be worn everywhere.

The handwoven cotton was first given to a group of Chikan embroiderers in northern India.  They added the incredible detail on the ends of the shawl using their traditional stitches and patterns. 

Then the piece was returned to our friend Jabbar and his group of women created patterns in the cloth by pinching small snippets of fabric and tying off these snippets. When the fabric is dyed these bits remain un-dyed. They created a design that was simple and detailed at the same time.  Finally, the central part of the piece was dyed a warm gray using myrobalan fruit and iron.  This fruit grows in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The results are stunning.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Read about the Khatris on our blog.

Size:  40" x 80"


Fabric:  Cotton

Colors: Warm gray and white

Care:  Dry cleaning recommended

Country of Origin:  India