Hand Embroidered Appliqué Story Cloth by Cipriana 10 Guatemala (9" x 9")

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Hand embroidered story cloth from the Multicolores embroidery artisan- Cipriana.
Title: Making Pots 
Long ago, I worked every day making pots from clay in order to sell them and provide for my family. I also loved to think of how I was helping different people, each one cooking in their kitchen, who would use my pots to cook for their families. Making a pot has a certain procedure: first giving it form, then firing it in order to give it color and transform it into its final iteration. 
The cloth has both embroidery and appliqué, done on white cotton cloth. Ready to be framed. 
Embroidery 9" x 9" on white cloth that is approx. 15" x 15"
Country of origin: Guatemala
care: recommend washing cold water and line dry.