Hand Embroidered Silk Suzani Coverlet Uzbekistan (78" x 94")

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Suzanis are hand stitched bed coverings created by the once nomadic people who populated the ancient silk road of Uzbekistan. Suzanis were originally crafted as dowry pieces that a mother would help lovingly create for her daughter’s wedding day. It was believed that the patterns and colors in a suzani held talismanic powers of protection and these powers were magically transferred from the mother into the suzani through the visual impact of her embroidery work. From the studios of Sanjar Nazaroz,  a UNESCO Award of Excellence winner. This is a stunning museum quality piece. The detail of the embroidery is spectactular. Icy blue silk ground cloth. Embroidery colors: rich red, vibrant indigo, off white, puce, robins egg blue, washed and chalky green, dusty rose, washed ecru.

 Size: apx: 78” x 100"   

 $2299 includes shipping within the continental US

Country of origin: Uzbekistan

Care: dry clean