Handmade Block Printed Natural Dyed Cotton B Fabric India (44" wide)

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Beautiful cotton fabric block printed using natural dyes. This lightweight fabric sold by the yard would  be great for many things such as; clothing, curtains and tablecloth. The background is brick to rust the designs are in blue grey, black and light creamy brick. We are happy to be selling hand dyed yardage from the workshop of  Dr Ishmael Khatri and son Sufiyan Khatri. The Khatris are a 4th generation block printing family. Working in the village of Bhuj , Gujarat, they are credited with reviving the tradition of natural dying and the block printing industry in India.

Size: 44" wide x 36" long.  Six yards available. Due to cutting this fabric - it is nonrefundable.

$20.95 per yard

Care: wash on gentle cycle cold water, line dry.

Country of origin: India