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Handmade Large Sisal Tote with Leather Handles Kenya

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Handmade Large Sisal Basket with Leather Handles Kenya Black leather handles
2.00 LBS

Handmade sisal tote with leather handles.  Using strands of sisal, women living in remote areas of rural Kenya earn income by crafting beautiful and sturdy baskets that can be used for storage in any room of the home or hauling goods about town. Sisal is a natural fiber extracted from an agave plant. The baskets are  durable and able to be re-shaped after shipping. This contemporary tote is woven with creamy white with black sisal and black leather handles. May also be used as a storage basket or large shoulder bag.


  • Size: 14" across x 14" high
  • black leather 9" handles
  • pliable and lightweight
  • handmade with sisal
  • great for storage or carrying
  • from Kenya

$129 includes shipping