Handmade Vetiver Basket Large Madagascar (5" x 15")

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Vetiver Large contemporary basket hand made from vetiver roots from a women’s association in Madagascar. Beautiful displayed on the wall or table. 
Each basket is hand made so please allow for variations. Spritz with water to release a pleasant aroma.
About Vetiver:
Vetiver is said to be one of the oldest plants on earth. It is a dense clumping easy-to-grow perennial grass often used to prevent soil erosion with thick aromatic roots up to 9’ long. Chopped vetiver leaves make a good mulch and essential oils extracted from the roots are used in aroma therapies and the perfume industry including brands like Opium and Miss Dior. Read more about these basketmakers on our blog.
The outside dimension is 5" high x 15.5" across. Inside dimensions 4" deep x 8" wide.


Country of origin: Madagascar