Handwoven and Hand Knotted Azilal Vintage Tribal Berber Wool Rug Morocco (32" x 62")

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Sink your feet in to this vintage Azilal hand woven carpet whose knotted patterns are often characterized by asymmetrical and abstract designs. Undyed sheep's wool colors in natural cream, browns and black with a bit of olive and soft magenta woven in to delight the eye. Contemporary yet timeless. 100% wool.

Interested in this rug? We want this rug to be perfect in your home.  It is a handmade treasure that you will have for a long time.  We are happy to talk to you about the nuances of its color and feel.  Call us at 715-607-1238 or email us at info@culturalcloth.com.  Send us images of your room or space and we can help you make sure it is what you are looking for.

You will be charged a $25 nonrefundable shipping charge when this rug ships.  

Size:  32" x 62"


Country of origin: Morocco