Handwoven And Hand Knotted Vintage Pile Tribal Boucherouite Rug 20 Morocco (54"x 69")

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Boucherouite Rugs. These woven rugs are a fairly recent new folk art form that arose out of a wool shortage in the 60's. Without wool, the weavers reached for whatever was at hand: clothing scraps, tailors remnants and more and more.

This vintage boucherouite rug is handwoven and hand knotted made with wool yarn and fabric strips. Colors:red, dark charcoal, mixed fire- orange, teal blue, off-whites, mixed magentas, pale citron, pine and more.  Mixed fibers. Tied fringe on end. Fair vintage condition. Use in a low traffic area of the house or beautiful hung on the wall.

Size:  54" x 69" approx.


Country of origin: Morocco