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Handwoven And Hand Knotted Vintage Pile Tribal Boucherouite Rug 24 Morocco (52"x 91")

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Boucherouite Rugs. These woven rugs are a fairly recent new folk art form that arose out of a wool shortage in the 60's. Without wool, the weavers reached for whatever was at hand: clothing scraps, tailors remnants and more and more.

This vintage boucherouite rug is handwoven like a rag rug with short knotted pile of cotton strips and some wool yarn. Colors: cream, pinkish tan, creamy yellow, faded leaf green, golden yellow, burnt orange, orange, turquoise, light blue, black, red orange, deep red, red brown and more. Mixed fibers. 2" tied fringe at one end and short knotted fringe at the other end.  Vintage condition- a bit worn but stunning! Great in a low traffic area of the house or hung on the wall.

You will be charged a $25 nonrefundable shipping charge when this rug ships.  

Size:  52" x 91" approx.


Country of origin: Morocco