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Handwoven Cotton Jamdani Natural Dyes Scarf India (22" x 72")

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1.00 LBS
Handwoven Jamdani Cotton Scarf Natural Dyes India
Wear this hand woven scarf and tell your admirers two tales: the check pattern is a nod to gamcha, a beloved handwoven cloth from rural Kolkata, beloved for its ability to keep the wearer cool in the regions hot and sticky climate. The second tale is the inlay pattern called jamdani, a tapestry like technique where the weaver works in additional weft threads.
This gossamer cotton scarf which is made by the Karomi group, represents some of the finest hand weaving we are privileged to represent. They take traditional techniques and processes and add contemporary touches. Launched in 2007, Karomi works with over a hundred rural and urban artisans. 
Colors: Natural dyed shades of light blue, cool cream, greyed navy.
Size:  22.5" x 80"
Care:  Dry clean only 
Country of Origin:  India