Handwoven Flat Weave Natural Colors Wool Rug Morocco 50" x 108")

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This lightweight flat woven wool rug was once used as a tent rug by nomadic people in southern Morocco and was prized for its warmth. Being light weight made it easily portable. We fell in love with this rug for the manner in which the weaver masterfully chose her variegated yarn to mimic a wedge weave technique made famous by the Navajo. This vintage rug is in excellent condition.Colors: Variations in both natural white and grey to light brown fleece. The ends have a subtle strip in rich red, natural white fleece and black fl eece. 100% wool with fringe on one end.
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Size: 50" x 108"

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Care: Spot clean with a clean damp rag; place on top of a rug pad to prevent slipping.

Country of Origin: Morocco.