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Handwoven Natural Dyed Organic Cotton Coverlet Reversible

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4.50 LBS
Handwoven Natural Dyed Organic Cotton Coverlet indigo white
Indigo & Boro Aesthetic
With a nod to the Japanese atheistic of Boro patchwork, this reversible hand stitched quilt is hand woven with natural dyed indigo on organic kala cotton. We designed this with the organic weavers of Kutch and then took it to another family to be sewn into this fabulous quilt. Side A offers a feint window pane plaid of natural white on medium indigo. Side B is a medley of regular stripes in a rich indigo blue and natural white. Colors: Medium indigo and natural white. On a queen mattress the drop on the sides is 18", on a full mattress 21". Note: patches vary on each quilt.
We connected with this wonderful group of organic cotton weavers while traveling in Gujarat, India. Organic cotton is very beneficial for the environment as there are no chemicals or pesticides used to grow it and it takes less water than commercial cotton growing. Read more about the organic cotton weaving group on our blog.

Size: approx.: 95” x 98"


Country of origin: India

Dry Clean recommended.

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