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Handwoven Natural Dyed Yellow Organic Cotton Throw (39" x 70")

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4.50 LBS
Handwoven Natural Dyed Yellow White Organic Cotton Throw
Handwoven natural dyed organic kala cotton throw.  We are thrilled to be working with this group of weavers of the Kutch. From the organic cotton farmers to the dyers to the weavers to the quilters, many hands contributed to the creation of this throw. Side A: stripes of muted golden yellow and natural white. Side B is a natural white with fine lines and pattern in the same muted golden yellow. All hand quilted and stitched. This is super soft. It would work well on the couch, end of the bed and it would make a wonderful baby blanket.

Organic cotton is beneficial for the environment as there are no chemicals or pesticides used to grow it and it takes less water than commercial cotton growing. Read more about the organic cotton weaving group on our blog. 
Size: approx.: 39” x 70"


Country of origin: India

Care: This is pre-shrunk washed and dried.: machine washable if careful and infrequent, after all, it's hand woven and hand stitched.