Handwoven Organic Cotton Natural Dyed Curtain B India (40" x 90")

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Handwoven, natural dyed organic cotton from the Kutch in far western Gujarat. The original purpose is a dupata or large shawl- but draped over an expansion rod, they add instant and effortless charm as a curtain panel right down to the hand wrapped tasseled fringe. 
Colors: Medium dark indigo blue, natural white.

We connected with this wonderful group of organic cotton weavers while traveling in Gujarat, India. Organic cotton is very beneficial for the environment as there are no chemicals or pesticides used to grow it and it takes less water than commercial cotton growing. Read more about this group on our blog.

Size: 40" x 90" (allow for variances, this is a hand woven item.) 1.5" wrapped fringe. Two makes a perfect pair of curtains

$99 each

Country of origin: India

Care: wash on gentle with cold water, line dry.

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