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Artisan: Southern Morocco Rug Weaving Collective Morocco

Handwoven Tapestry Wool Map Runner Long Rug Morocco

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Handwoven Tapestry Wool Runner Rug long Morocco Colors: variegated grey, black, rich variegated red, golden brass, rich tobacco, indigo, dark tan and more.
12.00 LBS
Called Ahknif 'map' rugs, and, after touring the rocky high Atlas Mountains, you can see the relationship between the landscape and these rugs. Extraordinary tapestry weaving, these well-wearing rugs are reversible and the intricate patterns will reveal themselves to you over time. Hand spun wool in a ‘Map’ design featuring a medley of colors in this tightly woven tapestry masterpiece. Colors: variegated grey, black, rich variegated red, golden brass, rich tobacco, indigo, dark tan and more. Great hallway runner rug.
  • 35" x 10'11" (131")
  • Wool with cotton warp
  • Very short tied fringe at one end
  • Handwoven dense flat weave
  • Small family run business
  • From Morocco
$1229 includes shipping within the continental US.
Care: place on top of a pad to prevent slipping. Spot clean with a damp clean cloth; dry clean as needed.