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Artisan: Vetiver Indonesia

Handwoven Vetiver Table Runner 5 Indonesia

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Handwoven Vetiver Table Runner 5 Indonesia. Colors: oatmeal and dark indigo
1.00 LBS

Handwoven Vetiver table runner from a women's weaving workshop in Java. Very versatile. Colors: creamy oatmeal and dark indigo. Comes in a nice roll with a handmade vetiver tie.

About Vetiver:
Vetiver is said to be one of the oldest plants on earth. It is a dense clumping easy-to-grow perennial grass often used to prevent soil erosion with thick aromatic roots up to 9’ long. Chopped vetiver leaves make a good mulch and essential oils extracted from the roots are used in aroma therapies and the perfume industry including brands like Opium and Miss Dior.


  • Size: approx. 14" x  78"
  • Handwoven Vetiver with cotton warp
  • 2" tied cotton fringe at each end
  • From Indonesia


Care: Hand or machine wash with warm water, lay flat to dry.