Handwoven Wool Kilim Blues Rug Afghanistan

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Handwoven wool Kilim rug from Turkmen artisans of Afghanistan. These rugs are a traditional technique with geometric designs and are durable and reversible. With a 'no-waste' approach to weaving, the women incorporate pieces of yarn scraps from other weaving work to create these rugs.  Since the Taliban took control of the country, rug weaving and farming are the only means rural women have to earn an income. This collection comes to us from the same group as the Turkmen felted rugs and we feel honored to represent these talented and hard working weavers. Colors: variegated shades of deep charcoal blue, medium bleu, red brick, purple, olive, teal, turquoise, grey and natural white.
  • 5 ft 10" x 8 ft 2" (70" x 98")
  • 100% wool
  • 1/2" tied fringe on both ends
  • Handwoven dense flat weave
  • Purchased directly from a group of weavers
  • From Afghanistan
$819 includes shipping within the continental US.
Care: place on top of a pad to prevent slipping. Spot clean with a damp clean cloth; dry clean as needed.


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