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Llapanmaki Weaving & Embroidery Ayacucho, Peru

Llapanmaki Weaving & Embroidery Ayacucho, Peru

18th Nov 2020

Creates opportunities for women by teaching handmade textile making.                                                                  

Llapanmaki Studio is a second generation family business founded in 1986. Its vision is to create opportunities for impoverished communities and victims of terrorism. Their model established training workshops in weaving, dyeing, embroidery, color and design, sewing and tassel making. From floor loom weaving to machine stitched finishes, studio participants have opportunities to learn new skills and grow adept at mastering a variety of tools and equipment. After participating in training, the artisans have opportunities to earn reliable income in the studio’s production of home goods.

Fifteen women work on the embroidery and are supported by thirteen others who create the designs, dye the wool, weave the cloth and finish the products. As founder, Ciprian Fernandez, a nationally recognized master craftsmen, infuses his designs with the color and vibrancy found in Andean art.

Above: Woman working on embroidery.

Above: Drawing designs for the embroidery artists.

Above: Sewing the pillow forms.

Above: Dyeing the wool yarns used to weave the ground cloth and the embroidery threads.