Kantha Quilt Hand Stitched Vintage Sari 46 India (54" x 88")

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Kantha Quilt, India, hand stitched. Our 2021 collection is characterized by a 'patina of use' where top layers of fabrics are worn through leaving a painterly impression of subsequent layers. Each piece has a unique combination of fabrics and patches that reflect the artistic flair and personality of the quilter. Reversible with a surprising unique pattern on both side and a mind numbing amount of hand stitching. Side A colors: pink, sea green, muted red, teal green, muted violet grey, grey, deep turquoise, lime green, muted forest, olive and more. Side B:a sublte blend of muted tones of beiges, pale purple beige, sea green, pinkish tan, off white and more.

 Size:approx.  54" x 88”


Care: Machine wash on gentle or hand wash, line dry or dry with low heat.
Country of origin: India.