Kantha Quilt Hand Stitched Vintage Sari India 37 (60" x 95")

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Kantha Quilt, India, hand stitched. Extraordinary vintage fabrics come together to create an engaging effect! Each piece has a unique combination of fabrics and patches that reflect the artistic flair and personality of the quilter. Reversible with a surprising unique pattern on both side and a mind numbing amount of hand stitching. The quilt is made with several layers of fabrics. Side A colors are cream, soft golden cream, muted red, greens, mint, brownish purple, light blue, rose and more. Side B is mostly greyish and pinkish off white and a muted purplish brown.  The entire quilt is covered in fine rows of white stitching with some deep red rows. On a single bed the drop on each side is 11". This also makes a great throw. This is a heavier kantha and has some areas with wear through to the inside layers- giving a kind of patina look. We purchased this while traveling in India.

 Size: 60" x 95"


Care: Machine wash on gentle or hand wash, line dry or dry with low heat.
Country of origin: India.