Morales Family of Guatemala Makes Ceramic Birds

The Morales Family in Guatemala Makes Hand Painted Ceramic Birds


The family digs the clay from a pit located just outside of Antiqua, Guatemala, then hauls it back to their family compound. They shape the birds with practiced hands, insert the wire legs and pit-fire the birds a few dozen at a time. Once cool, a thin layer of plaster is spread by hand on each bird and then each bird is carefully hand painted, completing the characteristic features of each species. Finally, to protect the painted details, the birds are given a thin coating of wax. 


We first met the Morales Family a few years ago at a craft fair in Antigua where they stood apart from the crowd with their obvious quality. We followed them home and met the entire family where everyone is involved at some point in the production. We were charmed by their birds, bought a few to 'try' and the rest is, as they say, history. The Morale's charming birds are a perennial favorite for bird lovers.