Picnic Basket with Kantha Quilt 13 India and Guatemala

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We've combined two of our favorite- a plastic market basket with a picnic kantha quilt. Enjoy in your back yard! Kantha Quilt, India, hand stitched. Vintage fabrics come together to create an engaging effect! Each piece has a unique combination of fabrics and patches that reflect the artistic flair and personality of the quilter. All hand stitched. The super sturdy basket is blue green gold and silver. The vintage kantha blanket colors: rich red, black, evergreen, sage, teal, robins egg blue, washed baby blue, purply-blue, turquoise.. Imperfections guaranteed.

 Basket: 12 tall x 14 x 7 across. Sturdy construction, flexible, will hold a lot of goods. 

Kantha: ‘picnic’ rated, approx: 60" x 90"

Price for the set: $99
Quilt Care: Separate cold water wash, line dry.
Basket Care: wipe clean with sponge.
Country or origin: India and Guatemala