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West Bengal Vintage Kantha Quilt India (47"x 72")

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This one-of-a-kind vintage Kantha quilt features a very stylized design that looks delicately geometric.  This quilt which is about 50 years old includes the c

This one-of-a-kind, authentic collector's piece is exquisite.  Time has not muted the vibrant embroidery colors which are predominately blue, red and teal with a touch of yellow.   The delicate stitches give it a whimsical, light feel.  Central mandala is a representation of a lotus flower.  We know that the central mandala typifies Nakshi Kanthas, which are kanthas that include both abstract designs and figures that tell a story and communicate meaning.  This piece was made by a highly skilled anonymous woman, a true artisan who was comfortable adding her creativity to traditional motifs.  Her creativity and sense of inventiveness helps to make her piece special.

We purchased this from a highly esteemed collector in Bhuj India.  He estimates that the piece is about 50 years old.  It is in wonderful condition and it features many figures that are both meaningfull and auspicious.  Notice the standard paisley botahs that anchor each corner and for variety are turned into flowers.  Fish, which represent abundance, prosperity and fertility, as well as birds and flowers decorate this delicately balanced piece.  

This piece has a cotton base and the embroidery thread is also cotton.  You can see the outline stitch as well as variations on the running stitch that create a variety of different effects.  The wheels which are interspersed throughout the piece are created using the pattern darning stitch.  Use the magnifier to take a very close look at the stitching on the white background.  You can see that every spec of the piece is covered with small delicate Kantha or running stitches.  

This piece was originally made as either cold weather quilt, an eating cloth or as a wrap for precious objects and it would be perfect for the collector who wants to add the quinessential Nakshi Kantha to her collection.  It would also make a wonderful wall hanging.  It could be framed or displayed on a frame.  It is also perfect for the textile lover who wants to use it as a wall hanging with a sleeve sewn to the back for hanging.  

Spot clean.  

entral mandala we have come to expect and their are four botah, or paisleys, that anchor the piece.  However, these botah are not part of a border as we would normally expect.  There are stylized leaves through out the piece. This piece doesn't actually have a border.  The woman artisan who made this piece gave it a very clean contemporary aesthetic when she styled the classic elements.

The plain cotton weave base is embroidered with red, indigo and white cotton embroidery.  The delicate use of the pattern darning technique gives it an almost three dimensional look.  Use the magnifier to look at the white stitching on the white base background.  Every bit of the fabric is covered with small Kantha stitches.  There is amazing detail.  

Size: 47" x 72"


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