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Textile Adventures: Jody Sends an Update

Friends, if you are headed for Cusco, Peru, you are probably thinking: a trip to Machu Picchu, the astounding lost city of the Incas. But when I arrive in Cusco I am pulled like a magnet to the Traditional Center For Textiles.Nilda Callanuapa, Founder and Director, created the organization to keep Andean weaving cultures alive. [...]

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Textile Adventures: Preview from Peru

Jody Slocum, our co-founder, is in Peru this week meeting with vendors, teeing up new products and searching for unusual collectibles for the shop.Jody reports: “It’s been a pleasure to deepen relationships with our talented vendors - last night, for example, Ciprian and his wife, Bartola, chatted with me in my Ayacucho hotel room until [...]

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