Shyamji & His Group of Weavers in Gujarat India

We visited Shyamji and his group of dyers, spinners and weavers when we were in western Gujarat India.  Shyamji is passionate about using natural dyes when he works with cotton and wool.  He proudly showed us his "live" inground vats of indigo. He is working tirelessly to keep  the Indian hand weaving tradition relevant.  We were lucky enough to meet his mother and auntie too.  The extended family lives and works together.  

Mary Anne and Jody, Cultural Cloth founders, with Shyamji's mother and auntie




Shyamji and his group are passionate about natural dyes.  They use in ground indigo vats

Mary Anne and Jody were able to design some custom bedding while they visited Shyamji 





















This little girl sat patiently next to her Dad as he wove. 

We knew we loved Shyamji when we saw that even his refrigerator was covered in a handmade textile