Handmade Kantha Patchwork Quilt 8 India

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Kantha Quilt, India, hand stitched. Extraordinary vintage fabrics come together to create an engaging effect! Each piece has a unique combination of fabrics and patches that reflect the artistic flair and personality of the quilter. Reversible with a surprising unique pattern on both side and a mind numbing amount of hand stitching. Colors: Side A peachy pink, bright blue, greyed lavender, tangerine, old god, and more. Side B: shades of lavender, moss green and more. Fine rows of stitching in white with pink and black. There are several layers of fabric and with the wear, you can see to the layers below - which gives it a 'patina' look that we love. 


  • Size: approx. 52" x 71"
  • Average Vintage Quality
  • From India

Care: Machine wash on gentle or hand wash, line dry or dry with low heat.


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