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Handmade Wool Felt Truth Rug Afghanistan (30" x 72")

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Available for Pre-order, scheduled to arrive in April, these durable 100% felted wool rugs, from natural colored fleece, are handmade by a women’s Association in northern Afghanistan. The design, inspired in reaction to the Taliban’s brutality, who took over the women’s homeland a couple years ago, reads “Truth Beauty Love” written in Turkmeni and is a collaboration between Cultural Cloth and the artists. We've represented this group for over 10 years; our purchases help the women continue to have income - especially during this difficult time of the Covid pandemic. Thank you for considering pre-order: our goal is to be able to order more rugs, depending on the response, so the women may have more income. Each rug is handmade; size may vary. The writing is charcoal on heathered white/light grey background. Read more about the women on our blog.  

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Size: approx. 30" x72"


This will be shipping by June 2021

Country of origin: Afghanistan

Care: Can be vacuumed but without a beater bar. Spot wash cold water or wash by hand and line dry.