Handmade Wool Felt Truth Rug Afghanistan (30" x 72")

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These durable 100% felted wool rugs, from natural colored fleece, are handmade by a Turkmen artisan group in northern Afghanistan. The design, inspired in reaction to the Taliban’s brutality, who forced the families to leave their homeland in the past year, reads “Truth Beauty Love” written in Turkmeni and is a collaboration between Cultural Cloth and the artists. We've represented this group for over 10 years; our purchases help these families continue to have income - especially during Covid and the Taliban take over of the country.  Each rug is handmade; size may vary. The writing is charcoal on heathered white/light grey background. There is a cream colored woven border sewn around the whole rug. Read more about the women on our blog.  

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  • Size: approx. 30" x 72"
  • handmade wool felt
  • directly from Turkmen artisans 
  • From Afghanistan


Care: Can be vacuumed but without a beater bar. Spot wash cold water or wash by hand and line dry.



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