Handwoven Ikat Velvet Pillow 3 Uzbekistan & Turkey

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Hand woven silk velvet with an ikat-dyed pattern and cotton backing from Uzbekistan that is then made into pillows by a small business in Turkey. This silk velvet weave has a very short pile of loops giving a soft, plush texture. The silk gives a beautiful sheen. Colors: dark cream, teal blue, medium gray-blue. The back is cotton cloth in a sand color. Note: pattern placement on each pillow is different, please allow for variations; if you’d like more information give us a call.
About hand woven velvet or Bakhmal:
A complex weave structure requiring 2 sets of warp threads; 1 set is raised to wrap around thin flat rods to ‘raise’ the warp threads which will later be cut by hand to form the pile. But first, prior to weaving, the length of the warp threads are carefully calculated, wound, and stretched out in the entire length of the piece- no longer than 10 meters. Next, with a cartoon of the pattern in hand, a master dyer marks the warp threads indicating to the apprentice where the warp threads should be tied to resist colors for the dye bath. The process of dyeing the tied pattern prior to weaving repeats until the pattern is transferred onto the length of threads. Then the loom is warped with the dyed threads in preparation for weaving the cloth. At the end of a pattern repeat, about 44” long (varies) called an iskat, the weaver adjusts the warp threads, to make certain the pattern aligns, before weaving the next iskat. An accomplished weaver can weave up to 42 inches a day.


  • Size: 14" x 23"
  • Handwoven silk and cotton
  • Ikat resist dye technique
  • 90-10 feather/down pillow insert with zipper back.
  • From Uzbekistan and Turkey

$139 includes shipping

Care: Dry cleaning recommended




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