Handwoven Repurposed Ikat Striped Cotton Cloth C Guatemala

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Handwoven cotton cloth that is traditionally used as a tube wrap skirt by Maya women. The cloth has a beautiful mix of stripes and ikat (resisted dyed) pattern. We buy these used and our customers use them to make clothing, curtains, upholstery, tablecloth and other things. From San Cristobol Totonicapan. Colors: royal blue, bright sky blue, marine blue, faded charcoal, white, black and more. Note: this has some small stains. 


  • It's a loop of fabric when open is 31" wide x 120" long. (with an added band 6.5" wide)
  • stripes and ikat patterning
  • handwoven
  • good vintage quality
  • 100% cotton 
  • from Guatemala

$79 includes shipping




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