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Beguiled by Boucherouite

Beguiled by Boucherouite

Posted by Mary Anne Wise on 19th Sep 2023

We are beguiled by the joyful sense of artistic inhibition found in many-a-boucherouite rug. And my, how these rugs transform a room, contributing a sense of energy that is undeniably up lifting. Who can’t use a little joy in their life, right?  We’re told boucherouite rugs came into existence in the 60’s as a result of changing socio-economic times. Young people left rural areas in search of urban opportunities and that meant fewer sheep were tended resulting in less wool for weaving, too. And so the inventive and resourceful Berber women reached for whatever materials they had on hand: rags.

We have heard from our weavers after the recent earthquake in Morocco and all are are ok.  A few years ago, we were able to travel to Morocco to meet these artisans and learn about their process and how they create these vibrant rugs.  Here, women are at the loom working together to create a design.  

Is it a rug, or is it a saddle?

In Morocco, boucherouites are commonly used to pad your camel/donkey’s saddle.   Here is a photo we capturaed while visiting of a rural market where saddles are sold - each comes with a boucherouite rug. 

We have followed many-a-donkey down the street for a better look at the rug.  

Today, pick up any home decor magazine and find boucherouites featured as accent rugs in artful home.  

We love mixing and matching these colorful textiles.