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Center for Traditional Textiles, Cusco Peru

Center for Traditional Textiles, Cusco Peru

Posted by Mary Anne Wise on 8th Feb 2021

Wool throws are hand woven on back strap loom.                                                                                                              

Late last fall we reached out to our friend Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez of Chincero, Peru co-founder of the CTTC (Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco). Understanding that tourism is crucial to Peru’s economy, and knowing the country’s tourism had come to a standstill, we wanted to ‘check in’ to learn how the weavers were faring. Like so many of the global artisans we represent, life for the CTTC weavers is difficult.

However, like many entrepreneurial-minded people around the globe, Nilda looks at the Pandemic as an opportunity to view her work anew. And so, when asked if she could recommend weavers who might be interested in weaving throws for us, she recommended the weavers of Sallac who are associated with the Center. True, wool throws are not in their traditional weaving repertoire, but on the other hand, she reasoned that throws are not too different from their ponchos. The pandemic had slowed all their production and now Nilda suspected the weavers would have time and even welcome ‘new’ ideas.

Using natural dyes, the weavers created a sumptuous and pleasing palate. They used soft merino and alpaca wool and applied their extraordinary craftsmanship and intuitively understood, for example, that merino wool must be treated more gently than their local sheep’s wool. View our collection of one-of-a-kind Sallac throws here.