Rug Money how a Group of Maya Women Changed Their Lives through Art and Innovation Co-written by Mary Anne Wise

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by Mary Anne Wise and Cheryl Conway-Daly
Photos by Joe Coca
August 2018

We are thrilled to announce co-founder of Cultural Cloth- Mary Anne Wise with Cheryl Conway-Daly - have completed their amazing book about the Maya women rug artisans and Multicolores.

At the heart of RUG MONEY is the work of artist Mary Anne Wise and her committed team at Multicolores, a nonprofit rug-hooking cooperative they formed in Guatemala. Through a compelling narrative, the authors describe how they built a business framework from within the local culture and created successful teaching strategies that encouraged both artistic advancement as well as personal growth-all while establishing and maintaining their enterprise as a force in the global marketplace. Poignant individual profiles of several of the Maya artists and what participation in the project has meant to them bring the story from economics to heart. Joe Coca's award-winning photography captures the spirit of the Maya women, their art, and their commitment to one another.

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Trade Paperback, $29.95




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