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Designing, Stitching & Constructing Embroidered Dolls in Guatemala


Yesterday, was our day long Embroidery Workshop. This is the third workshop that we have taught in Guatemala in the last six months. Our only regret is that we had only one day. Look carefully at the new embroideries. The artisan women have progressed at an amazingly fast pace.

We started out the day making the paper doll pattern by folding a piece of paper and drawing half the shape and cutting it out. To make copies of the pattern we held the pattern up to the window and traced a copy.

Then it was time for the artisans to share their homework with the class. Their assignment was to draw 15 different men and women wearing traditional Guatemalan dress – traje. They were challenged to put as much detail into each drawing as possible. We noticed that the embroidered dolls that they made using the patterns were more detailed than the original pencil drawings.

“They seem to be more comfortable drawing with thread than with pencils,” explained Cultural Cloth’s Mary Anne Wise, who is the lead teacher. “The drawings turned into very sophisticated designs when embroidered.”

As always, the artisans filled the room with laughter and chatter as they cut, sewed and stuffed their dolls. The women artisans enjoyed the change of routine and a chance to get together and learn from each other. 

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The Workshop Was a Success

The "new product development" workshop was a success.  Everyone learned and had fun.  You could feel the energy and enthusiasm.  Take a look at the detail of the bags.  Sturdy and beautiful.  

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The First Baskets & Footstool are Complete

The workshop with Mary Flanagan, Cultural Cloth and the Multicolores is coming to an end.  As Always the artisans enjoyed their time together.  It is a respite for them to be away from their daily routines.  The baskets and footstool are amazing.  We plan to show them to the group coming on the Rug Hooking Tour and [...]

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A Workshop: How To Make Hooked Baskets & Footstools

Greetings from Panajachel Guatemala! We are back in Guatemala to help with a “product development” workshop for the artisans of Multicolores, the NGO here in Guatemala that supports and develops the women artisans. The workshop is being led by our friend Mary Flanagan, a textile artisan who is also a brilliant product designer. Mary is that [...]

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We Are Off to the Land of Bedouin Carpets, Exotic Souks & the Sahara Desert

In late March Cultural Cloth will travel to Morocco where we plan to meet the artisans that we have corresponded with over the years and we have a long list of new artisans that we would like to meet who will be able to supply us with the handmade rugs you have been asking about. [...]

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New Baby Quilts, In Time for the Holidays

We've worked with Jabbar Khatri and his team for years.  We've sold his scarves and wraps in our shop almost every season, but now we've  teamed up with this award winning artist from Bhuj, India and his talented team of tie’ers, dyers and quilters to create an organic cotton baby quilt that babies, mammas and grannies [...]

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Meet Some of the Guatemalan Embroidery Artisans

This fall I have been co-leading a project to teach embroidery to a new group of women who live near Panajachel Guatemala.  It has been an amazing experience for me and the home have learned so much.  Here are some of photos of the women and their work:

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Workshop #2: Embroidered Dolls

One of the most wonderful things I have done this year is to partner with Reyna Pretzantzin, director of Multicolores, and Sarah Brown, an embroidery artist in the UK and founder of St Luce Stitch, to teach a new group of Guatemalan women embroidery and to guide them to develop items that they can sell to make [...]

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Second Report: Embroidery Workshop

The following is an insiders accounting of the recent Embroidery Workshop in Guatemala as told by the teacher, Mary Anne Wise, Founder of Cultural Cloth.The primary objective of this workshop is to coalesce as a group. Therefore, to start with, we talk about what makes a good teacher, what makes a good student, what are our mutual responsibilities. [...]

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​First Report: Embroidery Project, One Stitch at a Time to Support Families

At Cultural Cloth a crucial part of our mission is to help our sister artisans around the world develop better ways to support their families. Over the years we’ve talked about our rug-hooking project in Guatemala which began with a single weekend long workshop in 2009. Believing in the economic potential of this technique we co-founded Multicolores, a Guatemalan based non-profit [...]

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