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Photoshoot for Upcoming Book featuring Rug Hooking Artisans in Guatemala

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One of the projects Mary Anne has been working on over the last few months has been to write a portion of a book chronicling the rug hooking artisans in Guatemala who are part of Multicolores, a nonprofit she and Jody Slocum co-founded. No book that describes the cacophony of color and motifs of these rugs would be complete without incredible photos.

So, last week Mary Anne and 2 members of Multicolores, Cheryl Conway & Rosaria Giron had the privilege of accompanying the publisher’s talented team to photograph the artisans, their rugs, their families and their surroundings for the upcoming book. The book will be published by Thrums Books next year. Click here and you can read the announcement by Thrums Books.

The photos for the book were taken by Joe Coca who is based in Ft Collins and has spent his career traveling the world taking pictures. Watching Joe at work, Mary Anne said, “he has a way of seamlessly inserting himself into the scene as if he does not possess a corporeal body."

Karen Brock, Assistant Editor at Thrums, brought along samples of Thrums books for the rug hookers to view. As they paged through the books, they realized their portraits and their work would be in print for all to see. They could also see that the photos were going to be beautiful and with a dawning awareness everyone broke out in wide smiles.

The photo sessions were inspirational for Mary Anne too. "I'm a little weak in the knees with all that has to be done to complete the book but after seeing how Joe could connect with the artisans and make them comfortable and smile and how the women were so willing to tell their story, I'm ready to get home and finish up the work. Accompanying Joe, Karen, Cheryl & Rosario into the rug hooking communities to shoot for this book has been a privilege of a lifetime."

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Reconnecting and Visiting with Rug Hooking Artisans Guatemala

Mary Anne Wise, Co-Founder of Cultural Cloth, is traveling in Guatemala this week. As always, she is multi-tasking. She is teaching an embroidery workshop. She is working on a "yet to be revealed project" (stay tuned for the announcement). And she is checking in with her rug hooking artisan friends. These connections go back years. [...]

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Designing, Stitching & Constructing Embroidered Dolls in Guatemala

Yesterday, was our day long Embroidery Workshop. This is the third workshop that we have taught in Guatemala in the last six months. Our only regret is that we had only one day. Look carefully at the new embroideries. The artisan women have progressed at an amazingly fast pace.We started out the day making the paper [...]

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The Workshop Was a Success

The "new product development" workshop was a success.  Everyone learned and had fun.  You could feel the energy and enthusiasm.  Take a look at the detail of the bags.  Sturdy and beautiful.  

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The First Baskets & Footstool are Complete

The workshop with Mary Flanagan, Cultural Cloth and the Multicolores is coming to an end.  As Always the artisans enjoyed their time together.  It is a respite for them to be away from their daily routines.  The baskets and footstool are amazing.  We plan to show them to the group coming on the Rug Hooking Tour and [...]

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A Workshop: How To Make Hooked Baskets & Footstools

Greetings from Panajachel Guatemala! We are back in Guatemala to help with a “product development” workshop for the artisans of Multicolores, the NGO here in Guatemala that supports and develops the women artisans. The workshop is being led by our friend Mary Flanagan, a textile artisan who is also a brilliant product designer. Mary is that [...]

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We Are Off to the Land of Bedouin Carpets, Exotic Souks & the Sahara Desert

In late March Cultural Cloth will travel to Morocco where we plan to meet the artisans that we have corresponded with over the years and we have a long list of new artisans that we would like to meet who will be able to supply us with the handmade rugs you have been asking about. [...]

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